Why Should You Learn A New Language

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Why Should You Learn A New Language

Why Should You Learn A New Language

If I think about it, over the past years, I have procrastinating as to whether I should learn a new language and I had lots of reasons not to do so. I thought of it as a gruel taking process until I started learning my first new foreign language: Spanish.

Believe it or not but I had fun learning it! There are so many reasons to learn a new language, it’s unimaginable. Yet I can’t find a reason not to learn a new language.

Here are some reasons I came across to indeed learn a new language.

1. Job Opportunities

Learning a second language probably looks useless to you but what if it can open up lots of job opportunities or even promotions. Even if you work in a small company, the benefit of speaking a second language will give you an advantage over other employees.

2. Boost Your Brain

Research studies have showed lots of cognitive benefits of learning another language. It will actually help you in improving your memory, in reducing attention deficit problems and in keeping your brain more active.

3. Meet New People

We all love to travel, right? Even if English is number two as the most spoken language, you might find yourself in a country where English is not common. Even if the locals do indeed speak English, you will definitely get a better service if you communicate with them their local language. It goes without saying that you’ll open up lots of opportunities in meeting friendly locals.

4. Language Learning Skill

I find that every time I learn a new language it becomes easier and easier. It becomes in a way second in nature. I start to develop language learning tricks that will help me in understanding the basics of learning more efficiently.

I have heard all the excuses possible that friends give me for not learning a new language. Just know one thing, the first step is the hardest and everything after that becomes easier.

So what’s holding you back?

Stop making excuses, take action and start learning the language that you’ve always dreamed of speaking.

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